Tips to help the planet

Tips to help the planet

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world”
Nigel Colne CBE, HOPE Trustee

The smallest changes really can mean the world, from reducing food waste to shopping more sustainably, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you keep your planet fit and healthy.

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by climate change but taking some of these steps can help contribute to the growing movement of like-minded, forward-thinking people taking responsibility for our planet.

We’ve achieved a lot together over the past 36 years, but there’s still more we can do.

1. Save Energy

Cutting down on your energy use at home can have a dramatic impact on your yearly carbon footprint. By reducing your thermostat you’re not only saving yourself precious pounds, but you’re also helping to keep our world that little bit cleaner and cooler.

As we head into the coldest time of the year, try to wrap up before turning up your thermostat.

2. Raise Awareness

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3. Reduce Waste

Being mindful of waste is the first step on your road to being kinder to our planet and the species who call her home.

Try to use all the food you buy, package your leftovers for lunch, and compost any waste.

Trying to reduce wastewater at home can also dramatically reduce your impact on the environment.

4. Shop Sustainably

Research is key when it comes to shopping sustainably. In a world full of “green-washed” products it takes a little time and tenacity to make sure that your money is going towards legitimate worthy causes, but with Google at your fingertips, and most websites having information online, a little research goes a long way.

Please use paper – not plastic.

5. Donate to HOPE

“We are swinging a wrecking ball through the natural world. We are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction and the annihilation of wildlife that we are witnessing today is unparalleled since the dinosaurs died out” Mark Carwardine, HOPE Conservation Advisor

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