Project HOPE for World Ocean Day 2021

World peace tracks is happy to announce in accordance with World Ocean Day the launching of project HOPE . Healthy Oceans Protection Enterprises or HOPE

It’s a project to extend peace to our marine life. As stewards of this planet receiving the most benefits and causing the most harm to the oceans and its resources makes it incumbent upon each and everyone of us to do something more. Simply reducing the amount of plastics we use and dispose of will not solve the problem, it will only slow it down. The damage has been done and millions of marine animals are affected. The problem of microplastics is already in the marine food chain.

Project HOPE is a mult-faceted sustainable plan to mitigate the problem and overwhelm it with life generating solutions. If overfishing and ocean waste is killing 100 million fish and animals a year. Our plan is to create the conditions that will generate life at twice the number of depletion by man made causes.

Our Underwater Islands will create marine preserves across the oceans and coasts to create the conditions needed to generate marine life and as bio sanctuaries.

Floating Factories concept by our Chief Ocean Ambassador Paul Manning from the UK is an economically sustainable method to rid the oceans of waste and convert the waste into sellable products.

Project HOPE ships should be welcomed and supported by all coastal nations as a way to protect their ocean resources and their tourist industry from polluted beaches. 

You can support our mission by partnering with us. We welcome all business and partnership inquiries at  A donation to support our mission can be made here

Or via our new website at


Together WE CAN DOT IT!